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LCD Console Drawers

LCD Console Drawers

DB 15 combo + remote console

  • 17" / 19" LCD 

  • 1280 x 1024

  • 1 / 8 / 16 ports

  • IP remote console (option)

Product Details

The KVMspace range of LCD console drawers provides a variety of features that simplify to access servers to making system monitoring, troubleshooting and software upgrades. The self-locking rails when in the fully extended open position and the ultraconvenient auto lock release when the LCD panel is closed, make for simple and hassle free operation. Available with 17” or 19” A-Grade LCD panels, combo DB15 single, 8 or 16 port integrated KVM switch & with an option remote IP console.


• Support combo interface, VGA-USB & VGA-PS/2. 

• Durable 104-key keyboard and touch pad. 

• Quick and simple installation.

• Self-locking and auto release rails for ultra-convenience. 

• Port selection via push buttons or On-Screen-Display (OSD). 

• Dedicated daisy chain port to expand up to 240 servers. 

• Access Control List (ACL) security function for up to 8 independent user accounts.