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4 Port 3G-SDI splitter

4 Port 3G-SDI splitter


The 1 by 4 3G-SDI splitter allows 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals to be split from a single SDI source to up four simultaneous SDI outputs while ensuring high bit rates of 2.97Gb/s to give you high bandwidth signal transmission without any loss over long distances.

Product Details

• Splits one 3G-SDI source to four 3G-SDI displays simultaneously

• Supports 3G-SDI(2.97Gb/s), HD-SDI(1.485Gb/s) and SD-SDI(270Mb/s) formats

• Supports SDI Standards of SMPTE 425M-AB, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M-C

• Built-in signal equalizer, clock recovery and cable driver

• SDI input and output distances of up to 300m for SD-SDI signals, 200m for HD-SDI signals and 100m for 3G-SDI signals

• Supports 5V-12V wide power supply