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4 Port USB2.0 DisplayPort KVM switch

4 Port USB2.0 DisplayPort KVM switch

The 4-port USB2.0 DisplayPort KVM switch enables users to switch between 4 computers from a single USB keyboard and mouse. It also offers 2-port USB Hub functionality. That is, USB keyboard and mouse data are quickly and seamlessly switched via KVM cables, while USB Hub allows each computer to access two additional USB 2.0 universal peripherals. Installation is simple and convenient, just plug the cable into its corresponding port. No software configuration required and no incompatibilities. And works on a variety of operating system platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Product Details

Product features

A set of USB keyboards and mice to control 4 DsplayPort computers.

Built-in 2-port USB Hub, fully compatible with USB 2.0 specifications.

Two flexible switching methods: front panel keys and keyboard hotkeys.

Meet the DisplayPort 1.2a specification.

Support HDCP.

Support up to 3840 x 2400@60Hz, support Full HD 120Hz 3D stereoscopic display, maximum frame rate 240FPS, 120FPS per eye.

Keyboard and mouse support port emulation and bypass function, support IBM, DELL, HP, Logitech and other mice and keyboards.

Multi-platform support – Windows, Linux, and Mac.